A Personal Invitation To Join

Today is your lucky day. I am personally extending an invitation to you for one of the hottest shoppers testing sights to date. Elite Deal Club is an exclusive group. I love you guys and want you to enjoy your experience. Not everyone gets to be a part of the Elite Deal Club and I want to put that power in your hands. The only way to join the club is to be invited. So please don't hesitate click the link and join today.

And LOOK - There's more!

Invite More, Buy More Campaign!

Want to make money from Elite Deal Club instead of just spend it?? I am excited to announce the Invite More, Buy More Campaign!
You love shopping on Amazon right? So do I and I want to help you do just that!
Join Elite Deal Club and spread the word. At the end of each week they will reward the top 20 referring members with an Amazon gift card. EACH WEEK!!
Now you can support all of your buying needs just by inviting friends and family!

They are adding more and more deals, and need more and more members to purchase those deals.
The number 1 inviter each week will receive a $25 Amazon gift card, the next three (2-4) will get a $10 Amazon gift card, and the next 16 will get a $5 Amazon gift card!

Each member has a great chance to win. To have an invite count towards your invite total, simply have a friend or family member sign up using your unique invite link down below! Each week's contest ends on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. You must have invited at least 10 users in the week to be eligible.

This is a deal NO ONE CAN IGNORE! Join today.

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